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an electric guitar with angel wings on it's body and strings, is shown
【本人降臨】『THE ALFEE』の高見沢俊彦さんに「ギターとは何か?」聞いてみた / 答えが王子すぎて夢見る乙女になるレベル!!
高見沢さんにとってギターとは何ですか? 高見沢さん「友達でありパートナーであり……“夢” だね。自分の中での1つの夢の形。そういった夢をステージでいろんな人に見せてあげたい。だから、エンジェルギターとか変な形のギターとかもいっぱい使うけど、『ギターがこんな形してるんだ!』みたいなワクワク感も味わってほしいな」
a miniature guitar made out of metal and wood with gears on the neck, sitting in front of a white background
亗 Dr. Emporio Efikz 亗
Gibson Guitar Steampunk Custom Made by carlos4728
an electric guitar sitting on top of a bed
卍 ステッカー 締め切り 平和的 債権者
DIY guitar newspaper finish #Guitar #DIY
an electric guitar made out of wood and leather
Line 6 Spider V 240HC MKII 240W Guitar Amplifier Head
Maret Guitars The Helix
a blue and gold guitar sitting on top of a stand
LAMBE77 : Situs Populer Yang Menjadi Trending Topic Para Pemain VIP Selalu WD
Gas tank guitar
a blue and gold electric guitar with some parts on it's body, sitting against a white background
Tony Cochran Guitars
Tony Cochran Guitars
a white electric guitar with blue lights on it's neck and the words happy birthday written in purple letters
illuminated inlay
illuminated inlay
a guitar sculpture made out of assorted items
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Steampunk guitars! Something like that.. I might teach myself to play.
an intricately carved wooden guitar sits on a black background
william jeffrey jones guitars - Syrena
I cannot play, but I can appreciate the beauty of this piece.
an electric guitar that is made out of wood
Scott Ian Signature Guitar Zombie Killer - Stephen McSwain
an intricately carved wooden guitar sits on a stand
william jeffrey jones guitars - Dragonwing
Dragonwing ~ handmade by William Jeffrey Jones. This has to be of the most beautiful guitars I have ever seen ♥
an electric guitar with red flames on it
Molten Lava Guitar by Hutchison Guitar Customisation #guitar