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Nice idea! Would take a photo with a white background instead of cutting the child out and rhen glue some leaves on the photo. #kids #autumn #fall #craft #easy

Teach Them To Fly: Saying words that begin with W is a lot like making wind with your mouth. Students practice "w" sounds while being the wind, teacher photographs, students add leaves to complete "W is for Wind" project.

Knutselen beroepen - tandarts ~ Juf Milou

Community helper crafts baker-craft-idea Postman having toothache dentist craft dentist-craft-idea There was a postman named Jonathan.

Community Helpers Cut and Paste Set that includes directions and patterns to make all 10 projects!

Community Helper Cut and Paste Set that includes patterns and directions to make all 10 helpers! Just copy the patterns onto construction paper and let your kiddos cut or copy onto cardstock and make tracers and have your students trace and cut.