Springtime in Nice ~ on the French Riviera

Springtime in Nice. Bougainvillea n full bloom on a side street in the old town (VIEUX NICE) on the French Riviera, CÔTE d'AZUR.

Paradise Cove “Cennet Koy” Golkoy - things to do in Bodrum, Turkey

What to Do in Bodrum Turkey - an Insiders Guide

a wonderful bay during blue trip in Bodrum Turkey

The Big Trip: Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum & Bodrum Castle by night, Turkey.. lucky enough to have been there :)

Bodrum Castle (Bodrum Kalesi), also known as The Castle of St. Peter, in Bodrum, Turkey was built by the Knights Hospitaller in 1402 in order to offer protection from the invading Seljuk Turks.

One of those perfect dead end allies in Bodrum - Turkey

Family Friendly Places in Turkey

Bodrum Bodrum :)

TKempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay ( Bodrum, Turkey ) he Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay is tucked into a serene bay, with its own private beach.