no tut, no link, but is obviously clear what to do and what recycling material to use!

The minimal Million Year Calendar is usable forever, simply by rotating each vertical post

In this post I had some creative calendar design ideas for Some of these calendars are amazing and truly gorgeous also super creative!

20 Creative Ways To Recycle Plastic Bottles Into Useful Things

20 Creative Ways To Recycle Plastic Bottles Into Useful Things

Upcycle It! Plastic-Bottle Zipper Container We came across this cool DIY and had to give it a try for ourselves. This fun project comes together in no time with the help of a zipper and hot glue.

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Modern hanging plants wall from recycled plastic bottles

Modern Hanging Plants Wall from Recycled Plastic Bottles

【10/21発売】スカートめくりカレンダー2014(グレー)【予約受付中】 / ヴィレヴァン通販

Japanese males, from a young age, seem to be obsessed with the idea of flipping up a pleated skirt.

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3 Clever Crafts You Can Do With Nail Polish

3 clever crafts you can do with nail polish - Marbled glassware DIY Ideas, Crafts, Craft Ideas crafting ideas

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Tricks and tips to be more organized

Tricks and tips to be more organized (4

repurposed plastic water bottle container for small things like clothes pins, food clips, etc.

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cutesy little suitcase table? DIY emergency survival kit hidden in pure sight, just remove legs and go?

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You may use this organizer in Kitchen to organize spoons forks and knives or use on you desk to organize pens and pencils or use in the garage to organize small tools.

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Ahşap İle 60 Geri Dönüşüm Fikirleri

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When my friend asked me if I wanted some crates she was giving away, I just answered: Yes of course!