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Seriously. The movies suck and the books are freaking awesome.  http://www.janetcampbell.ca/

I normally try and cut a movie a lot of slack. I try and read books before watching the movies because the books are better. But changing the story line of a book is not cool. BUT I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THESE MOVIES <- Most perfect thing I have ever seen!

Three steps to writing a villain like Voldemort and the Joker. Write the villain character as a reflection of the hero, who exposes uncomfortable truths.

Your villain plays the most important role in your story. Yep, more important than your hero. That means you must go beyond the cliches when developing your villain, because generic platitudes such as maniacal laughter, minions and monologues are standar

19 Years Later! I need more Teddy Lupin and Victoire fanart :3

Teddy is looking fiiiiine. Why does he have naturally turquoise hair though in drawings? Why not pink or orange?<<I feel he would have pink hair occasionally to honor his mother Tonks.