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Adorable Flower Square Bedspread, Modern take on the Granny Square with a Crochet Diagram for the Squares included.

Summer top made from scarf and crochet yoke

10+ Free Crochet and Fabric Dress Patterns

Ravelry: summer top made from scarf and crochet yoke - free pattern with charts. 736x f8 4d db f84ddb9e0d819940ee143c5cd46138af.jpg

Ana da Silva [ "No pattern, looks like chevron chic baby dress w owl motif similar to Repeat Crafter Me. Can use other animal, fruit or flower motifs or bullion stitch. Inc crochet butterfly", "✿ ❤ crochet dress for kids ✿⊱╮Teresa Restegui…", "Littl

Happy crochet chair covers. - Poppy Creates

Happy crochet chair covers.

happy crochet granny squares chair covers with tassels for girls bedroom with colourful wool


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