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Toxic people may be the cause but just don’t realize it.
a charlie brown cartoon with the quote have you ever been in one of those mood when you don't really know what's wrong, but you feel
Yep, me lately and I don't know why
the words looking into essential oils which one is it that calms other people down? chlorform? it's chlorform isn't
Sarcastic quote on essential oil
i'm giving up drinking until christmas sorry wrong punctition i'm giving up drinking until christmas
a quote that reads i just want to know why my clothes only get stuck on the door handle when i'm in a bad mood
Stuff To Make You LOL
people giving directions like'head south'listen listen listen and click at the chick - fia or go towards target?
The Sunday Post #324 | February 5, 2023
an image with the words me be kind, you never know what someone is going through
True Words, Sarcastic Inspirational Quotes, Positive Quotes
To thine own self be true
a red background with the words good women still exist, but our stomachs are not flat and we talk back
a close up of a sign on a wall
20 Worker Memes For The Non-Trust Fund Kids
a person holding a white cup with words on it
NerdschwagDesigns - Etsy
some red roses with the words i think the proper term for senior women should be queen - agers that is all carry on
a piece of paper that has been taped to the wall with red writing on it
Happy Hour (24 Photos)
a plaque that says plantus unknown on it's side in front of some leaves
25 super funny Garden signs
an owl with the caption how some of y'all look with these lashes
a black and white drawing of a rooster saying not my coop is not my poop
the baby yoda is holding on to someone's arm and it looks like he has
And The Customer is…..
yoda saying when you go to grab some of the free lunch at work and someone says your department isn't included in the free lunch sorry