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Board for one of my favorite books ever, "Howl's Moving Castle" by Diana Wynne Jones. There is absolutely no way I could do the book justice. This board is a…
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The Makeup Brush on Tumblr: Michael Cinco Dark Beast, Wedding Suit Styles, Michael Cinco, Fancy Suit, Modern Outfits, Fancy Outfits, Art Clothes, Wedding Suits, Runway Fashion
The Makeup Brush
The Makeup Brush on Tumblr: Michael Cinco
a painting of a bear watching the stars in the night sky over a body of water
The Wood Between
'The Falling Star' by Kathe Soave
a large body of water sitting on top of a lush green hillside covered in clouds
Photo by Andrew Solok on Unsplash
Download this photo by Andrew Solok on Unsplash
a person standing in the grass with their arms spread out, looking at animals and trees
an old fashioned kitchen with lots of windows and decor on the walls, along with a brick oven
The Beauty Of Tile Works
The Beauty Of Tile Works
two people are flying through the air with their arms around each other and one person is holding
This Folio Life: Breaking the frame in Howl’s Moving Castle
"We were so excited to have Diana Wynne Jones’s much-loved Howl’s Moving Castle as the subject for the Book Illustration Competition 2019." - Sheri Gee, Art Director, Folio Society
an image of a painting with fire coming out of it
The Greatest Representations of Comets in the History of Art
an article about falling stars is shown in the text, do you still remember falling stars?
Wedding Poems
Read "[Do you still remember: falling stars]" by Rainer Maria Rilke to marvel at your love with and for your partner.
a dirt road in the middle of a grassy field with mountains in the background and snow - capped peaks
Hannes Becker on Instagram: “Strolling through the lush valleys of the impressive Salkantay mountain range. 🏔”
people are walking down the street in an old european town with half - timbered buildings
COLMAR summer 2016: by Ilaria Silva on Steller
Visit Colmar, France, in these stunning photos. Story by @yellina created on the Steller app. #ColmarFrance #ColmarFrancePhotography #AlsaceFrance
an antique fireplace with green tiles and gold accents
Breathtaking Art Deco Fireplace, circa 1920s
Breathtaking Art Deco Fireplace, circa 1920s For Sale at 1stdibs
a white sink sitting under a window next to a green wall and cupboards with bottles on it
30 The Best Stained Glass Home Window Design Ideas - HOOMDESIGN
The Best Stained Glass Home Window Design Ideas 23
an image of a comet in the night sky with stars and bright blue light coming from it
Comet C/2013 R1 Lovejoy
Comet C/2013 R1 Lovejoy. Taken by Gerald Rhemann on December 13, 2013 @ Jauerling, Lower Austria