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Feeding my obsession with Frances Hodgson Burnett's wonderful book.
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an old man with a cane standing in the grass next to a tree and flowers
Photo by Ales Krivec on Unsplash
An old man holding a stick in a park photo – Nature Image on Unsplash
an old rusty wrench laying on the ground with leaves and pine cones around it
Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash
An old brass key dropped in the woods.. Download this photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash
a small bird sitting in the middle of some green leaves
Photo by James Wainscoat on Unsplash
brown and orange bird perched on green plant during daytime photo – Free Bird Image on Unsplash
a painting of a swing in the middle of a field with trees and bushes behind it
A Few things I love...
Completely in love with this wooden swing in among the greenery | nature
an oil painting of a man and his dog on a hill with grass in the foreground
Gorgeous Landscapes by Oamul Lu -
Gorgeous Landscapes by Oamul Lu -
three children are sitting in the grass near flowers
Charles Robinson - The Secret Garden Illustrations
The Secret Garden – Illustrated by Charles Robinson. First published as a serial beginning in 1910, it numbers amongst Burnett’s most famous works and is a classic of English children’s literature. #thesecretgarden #charlesrobinson #vintageillustration
ivy growing up the side of a brick wall with vines on it and green leaves
Crawling Ivy
an empty wheelbarrow on a foggy day
a painting of a woman in a white dress standing next to a tree and flowers
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The Garden, c.1899 (oil on canvas)
a painting of flowers and trees in a garden
Intercepted by Gravitation
Rose Garden, Camille Pissarro 1862
the back of a woman's head with a white ribbon in her hair, looking off into the distance