Scarf tying guide for idiots like me.

6 ways to Wear a scarf - I love to wear scarves and usually, I can figure this stuff out but I like to have some inspiration on other days.

Kids will love it!

Yes, they are actual shoes, and yes again they’re really made out of Lego! British art and contemporary product design visionary, Finn Stone created these unique shoes. Wear them at your own risk around kids though!

Cuffed Shoes Hawtness!

Brogue Shoe T-Bar Cufflinks - Paul Smith

Me: Darling, this style would look smashing on you.  Wife: I don't have her long legs.  Me: I promise I'll take a picture from a lower angle and make you look taller.

Tho the pin is about the Blaire Colored Tights in Merlot, the jacket is the shit.

Me: Darling, let's go to the Retro Friday party!  Wife: Yes, I can finally wear my "Blind 'em All" Hot Pants.  Me: can do the same by wearing nothing.

Shorts with multicolour sequin detail

To get these sorta shoes, I either go work in a mine or pay 700 bucks.

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I have like a dozen of these sorta socks.

These remind me of my old roomie. So many times jumping around in ugly socks.