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Kemal Onguc

Kemal Onguc
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Kimberly Stove (U.S.A.) This is one amazing wood stove. You extract almost every bit of energy out of one log at a time with a Kimberly Stove.

:: Havens South Designs :: likes Lehet's "Kimberly Stove".a wood-burning stove for the tiny abode. It is super efficient, and very small. From 14 Bright Ideas for a Better Wood Stove - Popular Mechanics

camp toilet - Google Search

DIY OutHouse While preparing to “rough it” in the woods for 9 days, we decided to browse the web to find out how to make a camping toilet. We found lots of great toities! Inspired by all the great ideas, we designed this toilet for comfort and balance.

Der erfahrene Festivalgänger weiß: ein eigenes Klo ist der größte Luxus überhaupt!

you take a bucket, a section of pool noodle, a trash bag DIY Homemade Porta Potty. make your own potty bucket liner with trashbag, slip the slit pool noodle over the edge for a toilet seat and attach a roll of TP to the metal handle.


Cooking Channel's Man Fire Food explores some of the coolest ways people cook with fire, from small campfires to giant custom-made grills and smokers. Flip through photos of Chef Roger Mooking's fiery adventures in the American South.