Matthew Kavan Brooks.

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measurement equivalents chart

Kitchen 101 Mass & Volume Equivalents Infographic - Sometimes recipes call for a weight instead of a volume. In that case, Kitchen 101 Mass & Volume Equivalents can help out.


My mom has said this thousands of times in my life. Whenever i say "I'm bored" she replies with "only boring people get bored" and im just realizing how true that is. When you keep busy, keep not boring, you don't get bored.


Love all maps. Especially maps with octopuses (octopi?) and bicycles

because really, my beaker does bubble for you

'My Beaker Bubbles for You' and other Nerdy Dirty Illustrations by Nicole Martinez

Kiss Me Right Under My ...

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i forgot what day light looks like

So what is the root of insomnia? For many, the primary cause of insomnia is having a poor lifestyle and sleep habits. Simple lifestyle changes can make a world of difference to the quality of your sleep.

everything is amazing and nobody is happy

Sad but true. People are so unappreciative of the amazing world in which they live and the opportunities God continues to give them whether they deserve it or not.

<3 cute

You magnetize my poles. —Nerdy Dirty: illustrations for nerds in love

<3 cute

You magnetize my poles. —Nerdy Dirty: illustrations for nerds in love


Random drawings by Gerhard Human , via Behance - Character drawings

love graffitti

LSD (London Street-Art Design) Magazine: Banksy in Hollywood - February 2011


Frazetta - Girl in Bath