Horse cake

Horse cake- I love this. I would make it white with lots of colors in the mane if I were doing this as a My Little Pony cake for a kid.

how to make a tree bark cake

A recipe for making a Where the Wild Things Are Birthday Cake that looks like a tree stump, topped with a gold fondant crown!

chocolate with berries

Chocolate and Fruit Birthday Cake - For my chocoholic husband's Bday. Chocolate truffle torte with chocolate buttercream, covered in chocolate plastic and decorated with fresh fruit. Inspired by Mich Turner. Molding the chocolate plastic was so much fun!

The ultimate Chocolate Bundt Cake recipe.

Sneak Peek of "Martha Stewart's Cakes"

X DOMESTIC GODDESS CHOCOLATE BUNDT CAKE. The dessert's elegant appearance belies its simple make-ahead preparation -- without a cake mix. This is the made-from-scratch recipe for home-made chocolate bundt cake purists.

Küçük Çikolatalı Pastalar (Mini Chocolate Cakes) - Pınar Ünlütürk #yemekmutfak

Küçük Çikolatalı Pastalar (Mini Chocolate Cakes) - Pınar Ünlütürk #yemekmutfak