Beautiful Pearl Mala decorated with a tassel - Made by look4treasures

Beautiful Pearl Mala decorated with a tassel- Mala made ​​of beautiful Pearls with a diameter of 8 mm inch). The Mala is decorated with Jasper, Hematite and with metal beads and caps. The total length of the Mala is 104 cm inch).

Shades of blue and turquoise

Maybe as a tapestry or print/canvas above the bed? Or as a duvet cover? Cobalt Blue, Aqua & Gold Decorative Moroccan Tile Pattern Wall Tapestry by Micklyn


"After despair, many hopes flourish just as after darkness, thousands of stars appear and start to shine.

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you will not die unless you experience what you criticize." Tirmidhi, Qiyamah, no: 2507