Do you want to make your home a better place for living? Don’t want to spend much on buying new stuff for your home? Then this article is for you. We bring you creative DIY ideas on how to reuse and upcycle old stuff you already have to make beautiful and useful things for your home. Most of these ideas are easy and cheap to make and can be done as a small weekend project.

15 Easy and Cheap DIY Projects to Make Your Home a Better Place

DIY pebble mat ~ great gift idea.. Mod podge to make stones glossy and waterproof :)

How to: Make a DIY Pebble Bath Mat

DIY pebble mat ~ I need to make a front door mat. Mod podge to make stones glossy and waterproof :)

DIY Pretty Vintage Box from Pringles Can #craft #recycle

DIY Pretty Vintage Box from Pringles Can

portalibros reciclar plastico DIY muy ingenioso 2

Portalibros reciclando botellas de plástico



DIY Food Package Wall Organizer DIY Food Package Wall Organizer I was teaching this craft to my grandkids when they were small -- that was in the early !

Hobilendik Kendin Yap Kumaş Kapmalama

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Crocheted storage bowls from packing twine. Nice for the bathroom.

PACKING TWINE is the star here. (This is a german site, would have to use english pattern.) Crochet storage bowls from packing twine - nice alternative!

Gazeteden Kare Sepet Nasıl Yapılır? , #DIYNewspaperWeaveBasket #gazetekağıdındansepetnasılboyanır #gazetedenneleryapılırörnekleri #gazetedensepetnasılyapılır #gazetedensepetyapımıaşamaları , Güzel bir kendin yap projesi anlatımı var sırada. Yine gazeteleri değerlendirerek muhteşem bir sepet yapıyoruz. İstediğiniz gibi boyayabilirs...

Gazeteden Kare Sepet Nasıl Yapılır


use an empty lotion bottle to hold your cell phone while it charges 20 who-knew hacks around your home