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Quiet Book Ideas. easy to make!

Quiet Book for Kids

This 12 page hand made quite book is a perfect way for your child to learn and have fun! Each page features a new activity for your child to enjoy. Match the colours with snaps Tie the shoe Buckles Put on the mitten Brush the monkey's teeth Count the Beads (double page) Tell time Match the shapes with velcro Button on the flowers Braid the ribbons Zipper Frog (with two baby frogs inside) There are two handles on the book for easy carrying. It's the perfect book for the trips!! Books size…

Cardboard Box Ideas

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DIY how to make cool cardboard toys for kids - mailbox, guitar, boat, oven, puppet theater, castle, playhouse,etc

What's In A Box?

Behold the humble cardboard box - our house is full of these, and today I am taking a break from sewing to extol its virtues as a craft ...

Homemade Halloween game - perfect for preschool party!

25 Easy Halloween Games Perfect for Your Next Party

Monsters, candy and pumpkins—oh my!

Lawn Jenga!!!

Succulent Cork Magnets, Malibu Set of 2

The perfect gift for a wine lover, a Malibu lover, a plant lover, or anyone. Two re-purposed wine corks contain soil and real live plants! Attached to each cork is a strong magnet that will stick to anything magnetic, most obviously a refrigerator. Because of the plant some sun is a good idea. You can experiment with how much water to provide (mist, or a few drops from a faucet), just don't over water (not more than once per week). Succulents are hardy plants that can handle neglect. As time…

So fun for kids to decorate their own house! ;) I really really really love this!

Auburn, Thanksgiving, Christmas, & a Big Bowl of Jelly

Dustin and I went to the AU vs. Furman game this year. We even got to go without kids! The weather was amazing, the company was perfect and the game was a big Auburn win. It was such a great trip down to Auburn. Maybe this is more common than I realized, but since we don't get to see this on TV, I was surprised to see a group of Auburn players and Trooper Taylor kneeling and praying before the game. How awesome is that? Many of you know we had a rough couple of weeks recently. It was…

Wheelchair wash

DIY Fashion Accessories | Family.Disney.com

Disney-IY fashion accessories featuring your favorite Disney characters. The whole family can enjoy wearing fashion inspired by their favorite characters.

30 DIY Ideas How To Make Your Backyard Wonderful This Summer

30 DIY Ideas How To Make Your Backyard Wonderful This Summer

The summer weather is extremely enjoyable, and seeing how summer is not so far away anymore, it is time to start thinking about what you can do to enjoy

theater corner for play room

Christmas LEGO Table by rb3wreath, via Flickr

Christmas LEGO Table

This is the table I built for my kids' LEGO collection for Christmas 2009. The base is made from four slotted organizers from IKEA. The bins (also from IKEA) are made to slide into all the nice slots. The table top is made from a 5' x 5' piece of baltic birch plywood cut to 4ft 8in x 4ft. 8in. I rounded the corners of the top, routed 1/8" edge, and sanded it using an orbital sander. I then used spray paint (first coat is white primer, then royal blue -- which matched the blue LEGO color…

PVC bunk beds

PVC bunk beds

Make it wheelchair size

12 FUN Outdoor activities to make with kids!

Ways to enjoy the outdoors with kids. From sandboxes to DIY slides and more! Your kids will love these ideas!! Enjoy the outdoor activities this summer!

Pictures of a "build it yourself" PVC raised dog bed

Pictures of a "build it yourself" PVC raised dog bed