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a yellow bowl with screws in it sitting next to a wooden peg board on the ground
Montessori Nuts and Bolts Board: DIY and Lesson Plans • Mamaguru
Nuts and Bolts Board: Montessori DIY « mamaguru
two plastic containers filled with screws sitting on top of a table next to a wooden board
Some Handy Hardware Work Tasks and Fall Sale :) - The Autism Helper
Put bolts through holes and twist nut on other side - great for fine motor skills!
a clock made out of wood with screwdrivers and other tools on the face
DIY Montessori Bolt Board
four different ways to make a diy montessori - in - it - out board
a wooden block with screws attached to it and two wrenches in the middle
Ontdekbak: gaatjes, bouten en moeren.
the guitar bridge is made out of wood and has four different types of hardware on it
Bouten en moeren | Montessoriwerkjes | L.v.B.
schroeven en moeren-2
a piece of cardboard with some magnets on it next to a cut out man
Werkpieten: Moeren en bouten