Drawn thread stitch

Interesting web site for Punto Antico/ Drawn-Thread Work. Also has some instructions for some of the stitches

Nutmeg (filling stitch) (for Hardanger) « Save the Stitches!

Nutmeg (filling stitch) (for Hardanger) « Save the Stitches!* interessante per riempire *

This four-piece set has a drawstring bag, pincushion, scissors safe, and fob. There is no cutting involved with this pattern. The stitch counts are: Bag: 200 x 226 (2 pieces), Pincushion: 188 x 188 (two pieces), Scissors Safe: 108 x 110, Fob: 56 x 56 (2 pieces). The designer uses Freccia de Anchor threads. DMC threads have been substituted.  #stitching #needlework #embroidery

Stitch this stunning set with scissors case, fob, pincushion, and cinch bag with Mamens detailed instructions.