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DENVER (Jan. 24, 2017) — Outdoor Edge has put a sharp new twist on the popular survival paracord bracelet with the introduction of the new Para-Claw.

Taking the survival paracord bracelet up a notch, the Para-Claw is a stylish and discreet way to always have an inconspicuous utility/personal defense knife at the ready. Its patent-pending sheath system locks the knife securely for immediate use, wheneve

Dieser Entwurf gewann den Wettbewerb. Er stammt vom Grafiker „Menithings“ aus Los Angeles (USA) und orientiert sich am typisch minimalistischen Apple-Design

Drive Dynamics — Designers speculate about what Apple’s self-driving vehicle might look like as it’s revealed computer giant IS working on the technology. Eye-catching, sleek, incorporating Apple’s…