cross stitch lavender+

Lavender plant in a blue and white planter cross stitch.


No color chart available, just use the pattern chart as your color guide.

free cross stitch chart

Patroon lavandel in het rond . bisccornu is a pincushion, but i'm thinking of using a larger x-stitch cloth to make the image large enough for a pillow or seat cover.

free cross stitch chart


Free cross-stitch chart for this lavender.

miniature needlework chart

no color chart, just use pattern chart colors as…

cross stitch lavender

Cross Stitch Wreath 2 of 2

cross stitch lavender

cross stitch lavender

free cross stitch chart

free cross stitch chart by Angela Anderson-DePew


lavender pegboard cross stitched with fabric - I can't access a large enough picture of the pattern. But, I think that I can map it out on some graft paper.

#afs cross stitch chart

book : M-A Rethoret-Melin ''Parfums de France''


A bookmark of lavender


to decorate lavender bags ?

double lavander

Lavender Cross Stitch Pattern - Site is actually restricted, but enlarge and create pattern accordingly.

cross stitch lavender

cross stitch lavender for sachets

cross stitch lavender

cross stitch to try

lavendar free cross stitch

lovely lavender: pattern and design by Ann Logan