Hedebo stitch

Hedebo stitch I think you can attach tiny mirrors (like on saris) with this stitch.

Old Point Lace : And How to Copy It by Daisy Waterhouse Hawkins.  In the public domain.

Old point lace : and how to copy and imitate it by Daisy W. Hawkins & illustrations by the Author.

Thread Head: Romanian Point Lace Tutorial

A few people have asked me about Romanian Point Lace so I thought I would post a tutorial. Romanian Point Lace Ornament I taught m.


Centerpiece Doily Romanian Point Lace Style Crochet Doily IVORY Floral Pattern x

The Irish crocheted lace is a kind of work using the crochet-hook, which was created not so long ago. The first works of this genre were done in Ireland in the middle of the XIX century and they resembled old Venetian lace. These makes were used as laces and as a trimming to the lingerie and dressing items.

They often use crocheted imitations of the lace – the Irish crocheted lace – for the dressing items, which change according to the latest fashion.