Cappadocia, Turkey - is a ancient region in Central Anatolia, best known for its unique moon-like landscape, underground cities and cave towns. All of which is best seen from the sky, with dozens of hot air balloons offering amazing bird eye views. #kitsakis

Turkey - Rock houses in Cappadocia Seems like right out of a fairy tale. What a great movie location for some kind of Disney movie, "Land of the Rock People"

Snow in Göreme, Cappadocia, Turkey #kitsakis

Snow in Göreme, Cappadocia, Turkey (not there in winter though, so no snow on the fairy chimneys)

Turkey - Trekking the Lycian Way - Myra #kitsakis

Turkey: If you only have time to see one striking honeycomb of Lycian rock tombs, then choose the memorable ruins of ancient Myra.

Galata Tower, Istanbul, Turkey #kitsakis

Emperor Constantine recognised the importance of strong leadership, aimed to build a new city. The point where Europe and Asia meet: Constantinople/ Istanbul Mehr

Istanbul Turkey #kitsakis

Saint Sophia (Hagia Sophia) and the entrance of the Bosphorus in the background, Istanbul - Turkey.

Haydarpaşa train station/ istanbul #kitsakis

Haydarpaşa Train Station, İstanbul, Turkey - Train Station of Asia, now closed

Ortaköy Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey #kitsakis

ORTAKOY MOSQUE : was built by (Armenian Architect) Nigogos BALYAN. in Baroque-style for Sultan Abdulmecit, between in Istanbul. Nigogos new desing was tried in This Mosque and Dolmabahce Mosque.

Blue Lagoon – Ölüdeniz, Turkey #kitsakis

The Most Beautiful Place to Visit in Turkey