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Maria Smith
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Black and white photography ideas and inspiration. I love this photo of Cats Waiting for Fishermen to Return. I love the subject as well as the composition of this image. I am a crazy cat lady after all.

This is my favourite! Check it out

Home remedies for dry eyes is what any dry eye sufferer should take into consideration when thinking about a dry eye treatment.


Up and down Donw and up


Tourists wandering down the spiral staircase in the Vatican Museum.

Now you are a furniture critic too?

Image detail for -Crazy Cat - Animal Humor Photo - Fanpop fanclubs Another Buckshot-style kitty it's funny because you have this couch.

paw me a cup!

I want this so bad! // I love this little tea set. Everything is together so no searching for clean cups. The tea bag/deeper thing hangs from the lid inside and it pulls out with the head/ lid. Paw Me a Cup Tea Set in Cat,