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help and refs

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Ben Juwono: Improving storyboarding workflow to increase speed and efficiency


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계절알람시계 :: DAHAN 님의 트위터: "#이메레스 #트레틀 손풀기로 그린 1인 트레틀입니다. 상업적 이용외에 인삐 수정, 성별 전환등 편히 가능합니다. 단, 출처를 꼭 남겨주세요! https://t.co/I4yKkDCakZ" / 트위터

pose inspo

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Tips I need to remember

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#faces - Helpful Harrie
Как рисовать

Faces and expression tuts

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Body and pose tuts

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For those of you who have trouble with backgrounds


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not human things(beasts, animals, monsters, etc)

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Homebrew material for 5e edition Dungeons and Dragons made by the community.

Random things

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Types of Sleeves : coolguides

Apparel, accessories and held things refs

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costumecommunityservice: nargyle: Anonymous asked you: How did u get so good at drawing guns, and how long have u been drawing them? Thank you for the compliment! I wouldn’t call myself an expert on the matter yet, but drawing guns is actually not as difficult as most people would think-I threw together a little how-to that more or less illustrates my thought process when tackling guns (semi-automatic pistols, sorry). This is just bare bones information however, for there are many different make

Non sentient refs

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I seriously think you should not take this seriously. ---------- I don't know what I was thinking or doing when I made this. It's just a ton of...wtf. What the Sh

Shading, coloring and blending help

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Human Poses Reference, Anatomy Reference, Anatomy Drawing
Dynamic Poses Drawing, Character Art
Twitter Face Drawing, Props Art, Sketchbook Art Journal
Body Pose Drawing, Human Art