Sedef Karabulut

Sedef Karabulut

I'm in love with my pug& british shorthair & main coone, end of my story ! : )
Sedef Karabulut
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Princess Radziwill with her pug, Thomas, photographed for Vogue in 1960. Henry Clarke

Lee Radziwill, younger sister of Jacqueline Kennedy, with her pug Thomas, who used to accompany her to tea at the Ritz - August 1960 - Vogue - Photo by Henry Clarke - Dogs in Vogue

Royal Pugs #puginvasion #pugs #king #queen

This picture shows all the king pugs and queen pugs from different villages coming together for an important meeting. Funny pug dog clothing pictures and videos

lol  #pugs

It is all about the Pugs! lolz Childress Childress Sanson Knox I'm just finding all kinds of funny things for you ;

pug top hat

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What Is Pugs Not Drugs?

Buy pugs not drugs" mug from rigby & mac: What better motto to put onto a mug? We just simply love those pugs.