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Pulp Fiction

Behind the Scenes ‏ 28 Nov Quentin Tarantino, Bruce Willis, Maria de Medeiros and Lawrence Bender on the set of Pulp Fiction, 1994

Heath Ledger

I really loved Heath Ledger as an actor no matter what movie he had a role in. My most favorite movie of all time that he starred in was The Dark Knight. I can honestly admit that I fell in love with Heath Ledger and him as the Joker.


Muskoka Lakes Boathouse by Ottawa-based studio Christopher Simmonds Architect is located in Muskoka Lakes, Ontario, Canada. The construction that gets its name from its location is a renewal of an existing boathouse with 600 square meters, it include

clint eastwood

Freaking News Inverted Celebrities - Take a look at this lineup and consider that most of the faces you see have made some list in a tabloid that deems them to be some of the worldR.