Lighting, exterior - alumbrado urbano moderno!

Unusual lamp turns the corner. This design, with contrasting wall colors, might be especially helpful in homes where a resident has dementia. Lamp by Circolo.

A TWIST OF LIGHT... De belles structures bois avec LED

Light may travel in a straight line, but the Spiral lamp collection doesn't! This elegant series of sculptural luminaires is a literal twist on pendant and

iQ Food Co. Restaurant, Canada designed by II BY IV DESIGN

IQ Food Co. came to II BY IV DESIGN inspired to create a brand that embodied his taste in music, design and healthy food. The shop has multiple locations.

Curiousa & Curiousa

This Tryptych Stacks light by Esther Patterson for Curiousa & Curiousa are an explosion of colored glass baubles that will light up your room! A 'triptych" is a work.

Creative Diy Chandelier Lamp And Lighting Ideas 83

90 Fantastic Creative DIY Chandelier Lamp & Lighting Ideas

The Trio LT : a product that combines a high quality LED to a unique lighting design もっと見る

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