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a woman holding a blue stuffed animal in her hand and smiling at the camera while sitting in a car
two people are walking through the snow at night with mountains in the backgroud
several people sitting on the curb in front of a building and one is holding a guitar
The concert line
a group of people dancing in a dark room with colorful lights on the dance floor
Arizona Rave!
a woman is mixing some food in a large bowl and smiling at the camera while standing next to several buckets
Ice Cream Job :)
an empty street with telephone poles and cars parked on the side walk next to it
Out the back door
Friends, Tired
Five Fingers
Five Finger Frank Punch
some people sitting on the grass and one is holding a hot dog in her hand
Barbecue <3
two girls sleeping in the back seat of a car, one is wearing a pink blanket
Road-trip Home
Dog, Dogs, Dress
The Dog is on your Dress