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Model : Viktoria Ivanchenko

Model : Viktoria Ivanchenko

love everywhere

Makepeace Island is a small heart shaped island resort located in the Noosa River on Australia's Sunshine Coast. The island is currently owned by Virgin Australia founding partners, Brett Godfrey and Sir Richard Branson.

everybody wants to sleep here

Sleeping by the ocean and under the stars. would be so nice. Bout the only way i'd ever sleep outside, there would have to be a canopy over the bed though, dont know if i'd like to get bird poop on me lol

smart :)

Tapistongs comes from Lise El Sayed and is a lovely rug that can fit wonderfully in a modern living room. Its originality comes from the four footprints where the two matching pairs of slippers should be. Those slippers look very comfortable, by the way.