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Des superbes décorations murales à partir des vieux livres
Difficulty: Easy Matériel : • Des vieux livres
a clock made out of buttons and flowers on a white surface with words fly above it
button 26x26cm *13 Arts*
Ingrid's place: button 26x26cm *13 Arts*
an altered photo on a white plate with pink ribbon and lace around the edges, sitting on a wooden floor
Altered CD's
Altered CD
an old photo with buttons and lace on a doily hanging from a wall or door
stitch a story
an altered photo is displayed on a doily in front of a wooden background with flowers
7 dots studio
How to Decoupage with Saran Wrap · Just That Perfect Piece
a bird in a cage with flowers on it
a piece of art hanging on the wall with some beads and wood sticks attached to it
a tree with pink flowers is hanging on the wall in front of a round wreath
a christmas scene with a red house and trees