Points, Pendants, Bijoux, Punto Croce, Needlepoint, Crossstitch, Alternative

Points, Pendants, Bijoux, Punto Croce, Needlepoint, Crossstitch, Alternative

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Crochet Cord for Romanian Point Lace ~~ Novel Stitches Renate Kirkpatrick's Freeform Crochet~Knit~Fibre Designs

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This beautiful hand embroidered necklace Green Tree is perfect as a wonderful gift for someone special: you, your mom, grandma, sister or good friend. There arent a lot of women who posess unique jewelry, but every woman wants it. If you like embroidered jewelry and want to wear something special, you should buy this necklace Green Tree. All jewelry are made using petit point technique (in French means “small point”). The beautiful micro stitches are so tiny and the length is at most…

Hand embroidered necklace//Vintage by TheStitchOfHappiness on Etsy

Etamin Pano Modelleri

Etamin Pano Modelleri

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