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Here is a fiery leg workout! This would be an advanced workout. Hit each exercise for 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds rest, repeat for 3 rounds. Full workout along with my weight amounts are listed in the comments. #legworkout #legday | Tracy Steen | Fergie · Glamorous
Building Muscle in your 50s and Beyond!
Blue Zones Workout! Live Longer.
Build your Biceps in your 50s!
Knee Friendly Leg Day
Looking for a knee friendly leg workout? Look no further. Now, obviously everyone has different abilities, so while most of these exercises are knee friendly, obviously train within your own abilities. However, there are no squats or lunges and we are targeting all of the muscles in the legs today. I would hit each exercise for 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds in between, then repeat for three rounds.
BACK to the Grind! Home Workout
How to target that BATWING area!
Glute Workout at Home!
Leg Day for Longevity!
Build Sculpted Arms at 50!
I absolutely loved the combination of building with heavy weights, and then burning out with an isometric holds at the end of each circuit. I would repeat each circuit for three rounds, and then move onto the next muscle group. The weight amount that I use is listed on the screen after each exercise. I did film this workout and it will be on my YouTube channel on April 24. Be sure to subscribe over there so you don’t miss a workout!
Sculpt your BOOTY & THIGHS!
Fast Shoulder Blast!
This is a fun and fast shoulder workout that runs the rack! Start with five reps of each exercise, then moved to four, three, two, one. Workout: 5 Arnold press-15lb 5 upright row-15 lb 5 military press-12lb 5 supinated raise/arm-12lb 5 bicep serve-8lb 5 Lateral raise-8lb 5 Arnold abduction 5lb 5 Poliquin raise 5lb Then do 4,3,2,1 of each exercise! Follow for more workouts!
Decrease Arm Fat!
How I train trouble spots!
If you are looking for some exercises to build muscle in those troublespots, try these! Remember that nutrition has to be in the driver seat in order to shift your body composition. This workout would be a great way to target those specific trouble spots to help you build more muscle in that area. I would hit 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest or 12 reps of each exercise. Repeat for three rounds and you’ve got a great workout. Need nutrition help? Tap the link!