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a text message that reads, never ever scrub your bath tub again my couch told me about this and i still thought that no scrubs why you do
Pin by Nancy Green on cleaning hacks | Diy cleaning solution, Diy cleaning products, Cleaning hacks
the daily shower cleaner sign is written in blue ink on a white paper with purple writing
Every Woman Should Know These | Smore Newsletters
Every Woman Should Know These - 15 Tricks with Baking Soda by Victoria Tucker | This newsletter was created with Smore, an online tool for creating beautiful newsletters for educators, nonprofits, businesses and more
a hand holding a small potted plant with pink flowers in it and an ornament
Put 1 Bag In The Root! Orchids Explode With Lots Of Beautiful Flowers
a poem written in black and white with the words, i add a teaspoon of
6 Tips for a Clean and Fresh-Smelling Car
a person holding a bottle of green liquid and some white stuff in their left hand
Mom gets 5M views sharing salt and dish soap tip she learned from hotel owner
a hand is holding a jar full of mushrooms and green plants, while another holds a plant in it
One bottle per month! Surprise! Orchids never stop blooming magically
How to fold Credits:@effectivespaces
two pictures side by side, one shows an insect and the other shows what it looks like
Knowing this secret, you can propagate from any orchid
three pictures of the same plant in different stages of blooming, with one bud still attached
Just need Garlic and immediately the orchid will sprout on the branch and bloom forever
an iphone screen with the text bubble cleaner on it, and another message below
a person is cutting an unripe plant into pieces with a sharp knife on it
Put 1 garlic on the root, the orchid grows miraculously for 4 seasons