Ellie's Room

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there are pictures on the wall with clothes hanging
DIY Toddler Dress Up Station - Shoe Makes New
a canopy bed with red and white striped curtains on the top is in front of a window
Heneage Street | A Georgian Family Home by Studio Ashby | 1stDibs
a woman is sitting in front of some colorful curtains and pillows on the floor next to each other
a floor lamp sitting next to a white chair
Cora Floor Lamp | Paola And Joy
a desk with two chairs and shelves above it
Bureau pour jumeaux : comment l'aménager ? - Clem Around The Corner
bureau double planche bois vert pastel tapis jonc
a room filled with lots of wooden furniture
a bedroom with a canopy bed and two tables in front of the window, along with a rug on the floor
IKEA Toddler Bed to Antique Pine Inspired Toddler Bed
a child's room with toys and decor on the walls, including a rocking chair