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Mount Nemrut-Adiyaman /Turkey Nemrut or Nemrud is a mountain in southeastern Turkey, notable for the summit where a number of large statues are erected around what is assumed to be a royal tomb from the century BC.

Galata tower, Istanbul, Turkey

The Galata Tower — called Christea Turris by the Genoese — is a medieval stone tower in the Galata/Karaköy quarter of Istanbul, Turkey, just to the north of the Golden Horn's junction with the Bosphorus.

Galata tower, Istanbul, Turkey

Galata tower, Istanbul, Turkey black cat in front

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey

by Ahmet Kizilhan on (Blue Mosque, Istanbul)

Blue Mosque Istanbul, Turkey

✿ ❤ The Blue Mosque (Called Sultanahmet Camii in Turkish) is an historical mosque in Istanbul.

Eminönü, Istanbul, Turkey

Eminönü neighborhood in Istanbul, Turkey is a top place for tourists to visit. Discover the Spice Market, The New Mosque and taste freshly made mackerel sandwiches.

Olimpos Antalya Türkiye

Olimpos Antalya Türkiye, there are too many amazing places in Turkey

Galata tower, Istanbul, Turkey

Galata Tower, built by the Genoese in before the Ottoman Conquest . Make sure to walk the district, very striking views of the Bosphorus thru narrow streets.

Fethiye, Turkey

Olu Deniz and the Lycian Way contouring the hillside

Ölüdeniz, Fethiye, Turkey

(Photo: Orhan Okutan, via

Blue Lagoon Oludeniz - Turkiye

Paragliding at Blue Lagoon Ölüdeniz, Turkey.

✯ Kaş-Turkey

Kaş-Turkey - fine, white sand and clear, turquoise water

a wonderful bay during blue trip in Bodrum Turkey

The Big Trip: Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum, Turkey Top 10 Places With Clearest Water To Dive In

Paragliding in Oludeniz Turkey - @Just1WayTicket

Paragliding in Ölüdeniz: A Spectacular Place from every Perspective

Ölüdeniz in Southern Turkey offers everything for the great escape: Paragliding, enchanting blue lagoons and Turks with a British accent.