More ideas from mert
TEACHERS- As a back-to-school craft for the whole class, buy a 24/30 piece puzzle and paint all the pieces white. Then give your new students the materials they need to decorate their own piece. Glue the puzzle together and display it in your classroom. Shows the kids that they're all unique pieces of a puzzle and that it's good to work together!

At a recruitment workshop, give each member a puzzle piece to decorate. Reassemble the puzzle and display for recruitment. It shows how each sister is unique, but all bond together in our sisterhood. Can also be used as a sisterhood activity at anytime!

leaf vase

"Hosta vase, White Earth Ceramics my friend Barbara would love this- I'll have to "borrow" some hosta leaves from her yard! I hadn't thought of pressing leaves into clay projects.

Matte Turquoise Leaf Vase  Created by Linda Leonforte

Matte Turquoise Leaf Vase Created by Linda Leonforte - stick leaves on greenware and glaze around it! Such a genius idea, the leaves will burn off and leave behind ashy goodness.