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Printable Area of Parallelogram worksheet

Printables Area Of Parallelogram Worksheet calculate the area of these parallelograms using formula base printable primary math worksheet

Suzie's Home Education Ideas: Hands-on Ideas for Learning about Decimals {free printables}

Hands-on Ideas for learning about Decimals, fractions and percentages. FREE printable Decimal Place Value Slider as wel as FREE Printable Decimal, Fraction and Percentages Cards.

In this activity students were given 6 graphs, 6 rules, 6 tables, 6 slopes, and 6 sentences. Then students have to pair up the correct cards. I like this activity because they get to learn the material while it is inexpensive and not too time consuming. I do not like this because some one can change some of the cards.

Students work in groups of to sort the cards into groups where the rule matched the table, matched the graph, matched the slope, and finally matched the sentence. There were 4 sets of these cards that were traded between groups.

I absolutely love this post from great maths teaching ideas for a trigonometry-pile-up. However, I don& teach trigonometry in my grade math classes but I do teach Pythagorean Theorem. I decided