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Pins about Turkey and Turkish culture. IMPORTANT: I am a Christian and really want to keep my boards clean. Please let me know if I accidentally pinned anything rude.
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Turkish traditional houses - İkiz Evler Heybeliada ,Istanbul

Turkish Traditional Houses - İkiz Evler (Twin Houses) in Heybeliada (Princess Islands) of Istanbul.

Sirkeci Station, Istanbul

Sirkeci Station, Istanbul, Turkey A railway station so tastefully done. Sirkeci Station in Istanbul.

the Bosphorus

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Köprüsü / Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge ~ İstanbul, Turkey ~ Freeman Fox & Partners ~ Gravity-anchored Suspension Bridge ~ m / ft ~ Also known as the Second Bosphorus Bridge.

Copper coffee pots - Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

Istanbul - Copper at the Grand Bazaar. The cevze is used to boil Turkish coffee. I would love to attend the Grand Bazaar!

Istanbul, Turkey

The narrow Bosphorus waterway divides Istanbul and separates two continents, Europe from Asia.