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Original painting of Antonietta Varallo (ITALY) Oil on canvas 20 x 40 cm - x in Worldwide shipment by Fedex www.

This must be a circa 1929 door, which I have a sentimental attachment to, along with ivy that changes color in the autumn adds so much natural warmth to the entry.

homes with double porches | Design Gallery for remodeling ideas and inspiration, beautiful ...

Victorian house with the corner round room.this house is way to big but if my future house looked like a smaller scale version and had a full wrap around porch it would be PERFECT!

Susan Rios Art by tracey

"Sharing the Gift" Susan Rios Keepsakes 8 x 10 - Susan Rios - Roses And Teacups

Lilac Lane Cottage

ART~ Lavender Room For Lavender Flowers, For Cutting And Potting And Whiling Away The Hours.

TUSCAN DOOR  ~AnOriginal Acrylic Painting By  DianeTrierweiler

TUSCAN DOOR, an original acrylic painting