~A mansion near the sea Istanbul, Turkey | House of Beccaria

House on the Bosphoros, Istanbul, Turkey

Reflection of the Galata Tower Istanbul / TURKEY

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Galata tower, Istanbul, Turkey

Galata tower, Istanbul, Turkey black cat in front

✿ ❤ Fortaleza de Rumeli Hisari | Flickr - Photo Sharing! İstanbul Türkiye

Fortress of "Rumeli Hisari", Istanbul of the Bosphorus was built by "Fatih Sultan Mehmet - The Conquerer of Constantinopolis, later Istanbul" in


The Classy Issue-The Bosphorus, Istanbul, Turkey.

Fortress of Europe, Bosphorus Cruise, Istanbul Turkey

Rumeli Hisar castle ruins on the Bosphorus, Istanbul, Turkey

interior of Sultanahmet mosque in Istanbul

interior of Sultanahmet mosque in İstanbul Turkey

Good morning Istambul

Good morning Istambul

Sunset over historical peninsula in Istanbul, Turkey

Silhouette of the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia - Awesome Istanbul

Blue Mosque . Istanbul

Blue Mosque . Istanbul

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The Bosphorus, Istanbul, Turkey


Constantinople-the capital of the eastern Roman empire; capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, now called Istanbul.

İstanbul , Turkey

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Simit - Turkish sesame bread rings === @pascaledg Instagram photos

Instagram Post by Pascale De Groof (@pascaledg)

Simit - Turkish sesame bread rings === @pascaledg Instagram photos