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Caesar salad croquettes

Caesar salad croquettes by Paul Welburn

Lebanese Garlic Sauce

Garlic is one spice the lebanese love to eat. The sauce is made mayonnaise style using the technique of oil emulsion in potatoes and not eggs. The garlic sauce can be used as an accompaniment to grilled vegetables or as a spread on pita.

Mascarpone&Cranberries with White Wine and Vanillia - OKitchen

Veggie Food - Baked Potatoes&Eggplant&Green Pepper&Mushroom and Tomatoes - OKitchen

İtalian Pizza Pepperoni&Mushroom&Eggplant - OKitchen

Pepperoni&Oat&Peanut in a thin of Dough with a parmesan&parsley -OKitchen

Mozerella Caprese Salad -OKitchen