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“Wild is the music of the autumnal winds” ~ William Wordsworth
The Best Flowers to Have in Your Garden!
The best flowers to have in your garden are a combination of easy to care for, visual performance, fragrance and over winter maintenance. As an experienced gardener in various zones, let me share with you the flowers that have brought the most joy to my garden.
the inside of a greenhouse with lots of plants and flowers in pots on the floor
an old greenhouse is being used as a potting shed in the yard with vines growing on it
a small green house sitting in the middle of a yard
My version of the Cattle Panel Greenhouse
an old greenhouse is transformed into a garden shed
12 Most Beautiful DIY Shed Ideas with Reclaimed Windows
Spring Evening Plant Tour | Lucky Andi | Greenhouse Tour | Greenhouse Interiors | Greenhouse DIY
a small white shed sitting on top of a grass covered field
Zylina Superior Hobby Greenhouse | Wayfair
a small white building with lots of windows on top of wooden flooring and walls
Our greenhouse-season 2021/Powell River BC. Canada/