Oil Paintings of 7 sea battle to America Art for sale by Artists

"The Battle of Chiclana" by Louis-François, Fought on March 1811 during the Peninsular Campaign of the Napoleonic Wars

Naval battle at Lissa : Konstantinos Volanakis : Realism : battle painting - Oil Painting Reproductions

This vintage American Civil War print shows The Battle of Mobile Bay, August Own a piece of Civil War History with this digitally restored vintage poster from The War Is Hell Store.

Colonialism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Because it's Thanksgiving here in the US and what better time to reflect on history?

Norman knights charging the Saxon shieldwall at Hastings 1066 - art by Tom Lovell

Washington, Battle of Trenton 1776

Death of Hetman Stanislaw Żółkiewski with his confessor, Father Szymon Wybierski, in the Battle of Cecora by Walery Eljasz-Radzikowski

57 Paintings of The Naval Battle of Lepanto, Christian forces of the Holy League and the Ottoman Turks

NAP- France: Dragoon de la Garde impériale, by Maurice Orange.