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an ancient coin with a turtle on it
MK-B | Aigina ca. 375-320 v. Chr.
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Lampsacus - Wikipedia
an old coin with the face of a man and two other people on it's side
Pisanello, Three-Faced Medallion
an ancient coin with the head of a man wearing a turban on it
an ancient silver coin with a face on it's side, sitting on a table
Ancient Art, Asia City, Hermitage Museum, World Coins
a silver coin with an image of a man and woman on it
Stater: Head of Athena (reverse) Greece, Corinth | Cleveland Museum of Art
an ancient coin with arabic writing on the front and side, depicting a man's head
Online coin dealers. Ancient Coins, US Coins and World Coins
an ancient coin with a bee on it's face and the word, e is for
Where Do Honey Bees Live? A Friendly Guide to Their Habitats
Berlin, Ancient Greece Art
MK-B | Eretria ca. 500-490 v. Chr.
an ancient coin with horses and people on it
A few more of these might sort out their crisis: Ancient Greek coin valued at a cool £2MILLION set for auction
an old silver coin with an owl on it
Never Been Inked