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a text message that reads doctor who because where else can you put queen neffiti, a big game hunter from
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an image of the back of a car with text that reads, i never hear a drum beat that changes our life now does the supernatural fandom have a gift for this?
the man is making funny faces while talking to someone on his news talk show, and he's holding a newspaper
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doctor who #doctorwhotumblr
doctor who is talking to another person in front of a camera and the caption that says
I love this so much
a woman sitting on top of a man's lap in front of a horse
some people are talking to each other about what they're doing in the movie
If you aren't a complete nerd when you start watching this show, you will be when you finish
doctor who is making funny faces with his hands
20 Pictures to Make You Laugh Out Loud for Your Thursday #funny
the doctor who is talking about her face and how it looks like she's going to
- S11E02
Nothing beats free food Lets Be Honest, all our faces had that same expression when the biscuit popped out.
an image of a man making funny faces in front of a screen with text that reads,
the doctor and his companions are talking to each other
Doctor Who: When The Doctor transported Van Gogh to the present to see the impact his life made.
"The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good…
Fire Breathing Bitch Queen
[GIF] <3 even better now that I've actually seen the episode and know the context.
An image on imgfave
Out of the dr.who episodes I've seen.. (2). This was my favorite xD«««Haven't watched yet but I'm dying to, only 20 episodes till this one
two men standing next to each other in front of light coming through the backround
Into the TARDIS
The Day of The Doctor -- I'm going to miss Matt Smith... I am going to go and cry in a corner when he leaves.. just sayin.. it's gonna happen..... it has... :'(
an image of the doctor who is making funny faces