Colorful jellyfish

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Moon jellies are so ethereal. Medusa, Blue Jellyfish, Jellyfish Facts, Jellyfish Aquarium, Aquarium Fish, Deep Sea Creatures, Underwater Life, A Level Art, Manet

dessine-moi un mouton - Moon Jellyfish. By: Rochelle Cooper

Moon Jellyfish. By: Rochelle Cooper

Charlene-SJ // Quallen und Gelees erleben Sie in Dark Silence In Suburbia Charlene-SJ // Jellyfish & The Jellies Experience via Dark Silence In Suburbia - Sealife Beautiful Sea Creatures, Deep Sea Creatures, Underwater Creatures, Underwater Life, Beneath The Sea, Under The Sea, Orcas, Sea And Ocean, Sea World

Giant Bell Jelly

Even though the Jellies Living Art exhibit will be closing later this year, there are still new species being brought into the temporary exhibit. The latest is the giant bell jelly, which was probably between 4 and 6 inches height for the jelly, with overall lengths to a foot (maybe a bit more).

Penguins are the acrobatic athletes of the seas, and they can keep diving for long periods of time because they have exquisite control over how and wh Ocean Depth, Visualisation, Marine Biology, Animal Facts, Underwater World, Ocean Life, Deep Sea, Science And Nature, Marine Life

Who are the deepest divers in the sea?

After gathering data from, the University of California – San Diego, National Science Foundation, Softpedia, and Scientific American the folks from have presente…

 Lion's Mane jellyfish (Cyanea capillata) feeding on a Moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita),centre middle. Photographed in the White Sea, Russia. Under The Water, Under The Sea, Underwater Creatures, Underwater Life, Underwater Animals, Medusa, Lion's Mane Jellyfish, Jellyfish Tentacles, Deep Sea Creatures


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