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<3 Kushina, Naruto & Minato

Kushina thought Naruto will laugh if she did the same as Minato but Naruto ended up getting scared xD


Naruto, Minato and Kushina. They are such AMAXING parents. Why'd they have to die?


Sasuke sending a gift to Sarada while he's away. Sakura having Sarada write a cute letter to send back to Papa. Sasuke recieved the letter and dies of cuteness~

Naruto » Humor » Comic | The Sand's Morning: "The key to a good day lies within the hair!" | #gaara #kankurou #temari #sandsiblings

Omg that makes so much sense becouse Gaara's hair looks like the first picture now. Although kankuro is wearing a hood still. I WANT GAARA'S HAIR SPIKY!