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You bite that nose, kitten. You’ve never heard two grown men engaging in horrifying “locker room talk.

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Piercing has always been considered a unique way of fashion. To be honest It is not the most sort af

My first edit in a while... with one of my favorite medicine related quotes. "I've got a dream that's worth more than my sleep" It sure is!

Studying for the NCLEX can be crazy. With Cram Fighter, you can stay motivated to study and get back on track if you fall behind.

New Year Goal Making Exercise

New Year resolutions 2014 - link is broken but good inspiration to make your own list. // Never thought of it this way, I don't usually make resolutions but this seems fun :)

Baby sheep

Lamb with a heart shaped nose! Some call this a baby bottle lamb! Salt Spring Island we had a ball, took a picture of her lamb and then sold the owner the negatives! How sweet!