Agrell Architectural Carving: Maliard Manor: hand carved French panel

Agrell Architectural Carving - recent wood carved project for French client - hand carved French wall panel

UPDATE: This was the best I could do six years ago, but I've simplified things radically since then. You can see the results in my DVD, which is much the easiest way to learn how to draw Celtic kno...

Celtic Knotwork Instructions by ~bigblued on deviantART ( good for those starting out on illustrating knotwork. This method doesn't work as well for irregular shapes)

Ceiling Stencils | Avignon Center B Ceiling Stencil | Royal Design Studio

Avignon Center B Ceiling Stencil

Painted Ceiling Stencils and Decor - Classic European and Victorian Designs for DIY Home Decor - Ceiling Stencils Avignon Center Stencils - Royal Design Stuido