Astonishing Lycian tombs in Myra, Turkey.

visitheworld: “The lycian rock-cut tombs of Myra / Turkey (by Haluk).

Turkey - The island of Kekova is accessible by boat from Kalkan or Kas.  Kekova is a submerged port dating back to the 5th century BC, when Lycia was an important kingdom in this region. The Lycian capital was Xanthos , an hour west of Kekova, where King Sarpedon, who fought in the Trojan Wars, originally came from.   Adjacent to Kekova's underwater ruins are the beautiful ruins of Simena, dating back to the 4th century BC.

Turkey- Kekova The sunken city. You can see stairs leading to ancient sunken houses very clearly while you sail near the coast. Beautiful aqua blue waters are stunning!

Natural Paradise Restaurant, near Saklikent Gorge, Turkey

Natural Paradise Restaurant, near Saklikent Gorge, Turkey. I love it here, when the sun is burning hot this place is always cool as the water that flows through Saklikent is melt water from the mountain top.

Rainbow Steps, #Kalkan

Wandering Kalkan - Taking A Breather From All Things Shopping

These rainbow steps in Kalkan are placed in the town. painted by someone and is a attraction for tourists visiting the town.

kalkan town

kalkan town

kalkan sunset in turkey

kalkan sunset in turkey

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